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Friday, 19 June 2009

Luigi & Luca

This Months Dazed is on point not only stylistically but editorally, i have to give it to Rod Stanley. I love the whole ideaology behind the shoot that Robbie Spencer did with Luigi & Luca, his work is so cultured that to truly admire his work you must delve deeper look at his refrences and understand where he is coming from, much like a piece of art.

Luigi & Luca are young artist's who's work i really like, to me its all about the celebration and liberation of youth, sexuality, homosexuality, intimacy and love. The work is in no way lewd or pornographic it ascends those degrading titles and genre simply beacuse of the perfect harmony and beauty the images portray. Their work is a exhultation of sex rather than an exploitation.

I love how Robbie put them with the photographer Holger Homann who's work is all about Male beauty, Homo-erotic but not overtly sexual. He removed the young artists from thir usual playgrounds and placed them in a studio where art is concie ved the art of a more well known artist Hans peter adamski atlier.

For more about them and their work go to

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