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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Is current culture contrived?

Hate going into rants but its just so frustrating, Culture feels so contrived these days, I mean it may have always been so but in this era of fame and money everyone even college students seems to be aiming for those two things. Artists in art school want to be collected by saatchi and sold in Philip de Pury as soon as they graduate, whilst fashion students aim to be on catwalks and in stores sharpish although these things can and do happen its rare.

The high standards and ambition is not what I am knocking but its the level of control that one has over their work, just knowing what they are creating and who they are trying to create it for. Are there no bohemians left? The wild artists that live on the margins unable to fit in to mainstream society and create simply to create and to express themselves or is this just a myth.

People 'creatives' 'artists' etc etc all pretend to be different and pretend to be bohemians market themselves as this when really they are corporate clowns as evil and money hungry as those in the city.

Culture used to excite me now its just a big blur of boring events where people copy one another with the desperate need to try and create a movement make a statement be shocking just to shock and simply to get attention


Vinz said...

I completely agree with what youre writing. I think one of the main reasons for that is the internet and the globalization, not that I want to damn these two things, absolutely not, but through these everything is basically accessible to everyone and the whole "creative" thing has become an industry with millions and millions of potential clients - the artists themselves also. So brands put in more and more money and as soon as someone with the slightest hint of "outstanding" talent pops out he gets thrown at with money. And then the problem is that people miss principles or are just very comfortable with their convenient lifestyle.
I think there are only very few ones that can handle both of that, many people just get crazy when being ensnared by all the money and media fame. One of these was probably Dash Snow, but yeah hes dead now.
I thought about the same thing yesterday when I looked at some images from Brooklyn in the 70s. I think it was still possible then to have a very own world that nobody from the outside had access to as fast as it is possible today.
But then I think is that perhaps only a sort of romanticism and that something like "pure art" or "pure culture" just has never existed and that we only just know about all of this via the internet? I am not sure yet.

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

The Internet has its pro's and cons one being the fact I am able to voice my opinion but it has also given rise to quick/instant fame as their is a need to fill websites with instant dribble so we have people like Lilo, Kadashians, Snooki etc and thats fine with me as long as it doesn't filter into the 'fine' art that I love.

Money corrupts artists intentions and I feel that its becoming rarer and rarer to find these bohemians you know as people can simply market themselves as one and make cash from being kooky or being 'crazy' put on a pink wig and your eccentric, wear loud and bold clothes and your an artist I just don't think its how it works its like mutton dressed as lamb and people who are hungry consume it willing hence why Hirst is able to control the art market to his bidding he says himself he has his art and his work his work overshadows his art and it is his work that people can buy into more than his art how many dot paintings has he sold, or spin paintings. They are beautiful none the less but shallow and nothing more then decorative lavish wallpaper.

Dash Snow came from money so didn't really have to work and his art was born in a boom time when whatever or whoever could call themselves an artist, I did find his work interesting mainly because he lead a life, a reckless one that I never intend to live so it was like he was showing me how to be young and reckless and I was opting out.

It's out generation that can change this and try and embrace true creativity even if it means standing on the margin lines of current culture and places like Husk can do this :)