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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

127 Hours

127 Hours

So I can totally get the appeal of this film, for men its like a guide of what goes wrong in the wild kind of like a bear gryls with no action and for the girls there's James Franco a whole dose of him.

To be honest its quite boring and I've also found boyle over rated Slumdog was cute, yet that's all I found it, I enjoyed 28 days later although it wasn't scary it was cool, shallow grave was also ok as an exploration of the foundations of friendships and relationships and how easy it is for them to fall apart, Trainspotting has reached cult status and of course I understand why as its a harrowing tale and one i've only seen explored in requiem of a dream.

Single location films seemed to be popping up more and more from Buried and Lift but none have shown the mastery of Rope, in which the viewer is able to sustain being entertained by arrivals and departures.

In the case of 127 Franco's character (Aron Ralston) reminisces, remembering significant past events and as boyle explores ralston's state of mind with illusions and dreams and with Franco talking to the camera his handheld camera. A technique of interest is in the beginning with the split screens showing the world around ralston and what he sees and another is the event such as the party shown either how he perceives it at that time or occurring.

Its an existential piece at best exploring the human mind as it falls apart and the body as it shuts down and the bid for survival.

(If I wanted to lie/post a more professional review I would say: Franco Challenges himself time and time again stepping up to the plate of leading man status he is able to carry off a film in which not much happens by his method and charisma, boyle paints a picture capturing the senses and allowing the viewer to feel as Ralston feels, his picture is a portrait much like the ones turner painted reminding us how small man is against nature)

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