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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

With the men's shows over I feel like it was something of a hmmm is that it, is that all there was. Givenchy has been the same since seasons past, same cut shorts, same boxy shirts all people seem to applaud is the fact the Tisci has multi cultural models and yes me to, it's great that his catwalk reflects the world we live in terms of ethnicity.

Dior Homme were is there to start and where is there to finish I mean he's had more than two years to present something worthwhile, something interesting and intriguing, when kris gives us a glimmer of something the next collection he seems to take it away. I don;t know who the Dior Homme male is as he changes from season to season. I like the idea of extremely slim lapel suits.

Raf Simons was interesting in his mix of influences as usual from the college prepsters to the sporty athleticism of America to the modern day man the one he he has been exploring in previous collections. His use of colour was interesting and as always his fabrications.

YSL it seems Stefano is also struggling to define the consumer of the brand, he has had hit and miss collections yet this one seems to strike a chord on both ends the skinny cut that fell above the ankles a favourite as well as the zip up jacket with ribbing at the collar, In fact if I am being honest I really liked this collection regardless of the parachute silhouettes and capes that I felt didn't need to be in there it was a collection a modern day male with YSL'S budget could easily buy into.

Mugler of course everyone was interested in this brand even those outside the fashion realm with the announcement Gaga would be musical director. Nicola Formichetti's first show for the brand seeing the critical acclaimed stylist enter into the world of design, the show was a spectacle and reflected his work in many ways the elements of avant garde and the mixtures of influences, to me it seemed to be a male reborn from the torn mad max leather trousers to the synthetic fabrics but most importantly Nicola's muse Rico, with tattoo's covering his whole body he seems to be someone reborn, shaped and cast in his own light and an outsider. Much like the label itself its a phoenix rising from the ashes.

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