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Sunday, 23 January 2011


What do you do when you become so cynical, so bored, tired and want more from all that surrounds you, yet in the distance you see people, young people like yourself who feel the same, feel they've been cheated and born into a time where their generation is being disregarded, a generation in which the last ran off with the money that easily could have been shared between the two, when banks won't loan or brands won't spend when everyone is being 'cautious' or a new way of seeing is presented yet deemed 'risky', what do you do?. My resolution to all the crap that assaults on my eyes and intoxication of my mind is to band together, inspire one another, 'destroy to create'. Its time to bring down the old guard that have become comfortable too comfortable in the positions and jobs that one day we will fill. The same people that turn their noses up and that can break or make ones career  if you allow them that power.

The new generation inspires me so much from Vinz, Trey, Cameron, Rasharn, Daniel, Anna, Robbie,Isaac, Katie, Xavier, Alex, Zachary, Luke, Dominic, Josef, Michael amongst others and if like me your tired of the movements happening past and present then create your own, but remember it takes more than one person to allow a movement to grow.

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