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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

J'adore Harmony Korine

He is the embodiment of the high school drop out who goes out into the world and becomes successful. What amazes me about him is that at 18-19 he wrote a film KIDS which was directed by another person i admire, Larry Clark a few years later starring such unknown actors and actresses such as Opening Ceremony designer 7 actress Chloe Sevigny, Rosario Dawson & Leo Fitzpatrick, it remains one of my fave films for its truthful portrayal of teens long before channel 4's Skins . He has remained himself even on shows like David Letterman which he is banned from for life due to pushing Meryl Streep. What i love about him is the movies he directs which are usually fun, truthful and usual convey hidden messages. Other Then starring in Marc Jacobs Campaigns he is still an active film writer/ director with his most recent film Mister Lonely about the lives of look a likes. His films are extremely hard to find in London but are worth the looking for xoxo

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