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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dazed & Confused Dec 08

Dazed & Confused December 08, I have never looked forward to an issue of Dazed with such high fevered anticipation, seriously. I heard about this issue a while back and it was as exciting then as it is now. Platforms are extremely hard to find to stand on in order to make your mark in fashion,music,art etc and Dazed seem to have delivered one to many creatives in just one issue. I do think that many of the street style bibles have long lost their edge in order to become more commercial and in order to obtain Ad's from the high end Luxury brands. Although Dazed always does give a shout out to the next genaration in their rise section online and in their pages each month. The covers headline is 'What Crisis' 'Fashion's new optimism' clearly shurugging off the increasingly annoying credit crisis that we have all been bored to death with hearing about. It is those new creatives shown in these pages that hold the future of creativety in their hands the ones that's work will have to shine through and endure these difficult fianancial times.

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