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Friday, 28 November 2008

British Fashion Awards

I agree whole heartedly on Luella winning designer of the year and Jourdan Dunn winning model of the year but again it comes down to the BFA's lack of diversity when it comes to considering menswear. Christopher Bailey is an amazing designer with an amazing team and Burberry yes is a great brand. But it is a big corporation with a large team of skilled designers last year Bailey won against other nominees such as Casette Playa, this year he won against established houses such as Paul Smith and Richard James. I just wonder what the panel thought of London's emerging designers such as James Long, Aitor Throupe, Carola Eurler, Cassette Playa etc etc to not give them a look in or to not even bother to nominate them. For Burberry to win the award two years in a row i just think it shows the laziness and how much effort the British Fashion Council put in when it comes to nurturing and caring for the new breed of menswear designers.


Anonymous said...

You can't even spell 'two' or ‘Euler’ what makes you think that you are more capable of selecting a winner for this award than a panel of leading menswear editors who spend their lives viewing, analysing and buying garments by the best in the business. I’m sure the panel (which does not comprise solely of the British Fashion Council -another amateur error of yours) are well aware of the merits of designer’s such as James Long, Aitor Throupe, Carola Euler, Cassette Playa however I think we should trust in the panel of experts to select the most suitable recipients of each British Fashion Award each year. Do your homework - or at least spell check before you start criticising something.

Jaiden_James said...

The Anonymous 1's always have the most to say, FYI I am fully aware of who sits on the menswear selection panel. These include talented visionaries such as Nicola Formichetti, Luke Day, Edward Enninful, Jefferson Hack & Dylan & Terry Jones. I respect all of the above and they have all made a huge impact on British menswear or fashion overall. But that does not stop me from airing my thoughts and giving my opinion. I never said I was capable of selecting the winner and I do give Bailey his merit. But would'nt a young designer appreciate the award a lot more like in 2006 when Kim Jones won, it did wonders for him as a designer and allowed him to be recognized globally.

Rollergirl said...

Interesting point. And also, the fashion awards just seem to be about womenswear overall, don't they? (I guess, womenswear sells more than mens?)

Anonymous said...

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