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Friday, 29 August 2008

Topman x Aitor Throup

swiftly moving on...... I have been bored of Topman for a while there last Topman Design Collection was ok but nothing to shout about and there previous lens collection with the exception of the Material Boy royal blue side slit short sleeved oversized jumper and Carolyn Massey's pale yellow bib fronted t-shirt. By luck i went into Topman and found that the black trouser project was already out and by the time, i got to the rails there was only two of the Aitor Throup trousers left thankfully who ever had ravaged the rails had left the smallest sizes, i picked up one and thankfully brought it by the time i had finished buyingand my friend decided he wanted a pair, the other trouser was gone . All the other projects from the white shirt to the glasses passed me by in a blur and i must say that these trousers which are high waisted and have a lower then usual crouch, with the fabric cut using the same fabric as the overall garment but pannelled into different postions on the trouser leg so that they sit perfectly on your body, they also have an elstcated band similar to ones u would find on leggings at the bottom so they remain perfectly fitted to your leg after a few wears the trousers are likely to give to the shape of your leg and the elstaic band will hold them in place perferctly. i have been a fan of Aitors work for ages and seeing the time and effort he put into this topman projects proves how dedicated he is to his job and that he is one of the best british menswear designers at the momment and i only hope he moves his label forward and moves into full ready to wear collections, as his clothes at the momment are quite sculptural and constructed with the utmost attention to detail and he only makes them by order which means his items are quite pricey. The other black trousers are sort of intresting as well. Hopefully the new Topman Design collection that i saw last fashion week will look equally as gud on the catwalk as it will on the rails and i will want to buy either the wet look nylon trousers or the oversized quilted knitted jacket but what i do know is i will be getting my hands on that carolyn Massey cape which will definitely be my coat for the winter xox


Stylesalvage Steve said...

Damn you for getting the last pair! I picked up the best on offer during the other projects and needed Aitor's effort to continue my momentum. All of the other designs are dull.

Anonymous said...

hello -- pardon the randomness of my comment, but you seem to be the only person out of the many interested, who had managed to get their hands on a pair of these.

unfortunately no photos of them being worn outside of the rather strange topman photoshoot seem to exist on the internet, so i was wondering if you'd be so kind to take a fit photo for those of us who follow aitor's work.

many thanks,


Anonymous said...

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