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Monday, 1 September 2008

Nikes New Ads

Nike is the biggest sportswear brand in the world and hopefully these ads which are alot different to any i have ever seen are a move in a new direction, yes Nike produces cutesy garments but whilst every other of the major an even minor sports brands Addidas with stella & Yohji, Puma with Jil Sander, Mcqueen, Chaylan, umbro with kim jones, Philip Treacey and in the works with Aitor Throup which iam eager to see the fruits of the labour, even Gola with Johnathan saunders. Whilst Nike has worked with Junya and continues to work with casette Playa the does many minor collabs on the side i think it would be intresting for them to do a line with one of the many talented designers that are around at the momment.

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