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Sunday, 21 September 2008

My London Fashion Week

Fashion week was amazing and this time opposed to last time i did the majority of the shows and saw all i actually wanted to see, It began for me on Monday with Todd Lynn who is an amazing tailor and his show stopping piece for me was the dress made with black, charcoal& light grey feathers, Then it was off to Paul Smith didn’t have a ticket and had no way of getting in if not for Hilary Alexander who helped me and Rasharn and allowed us to have access thank you Hilary, The show was cool with a clear Arabian influenced with Harem pants, head dresses it also featured gingham which was blown up and distorted, Then it was off to the Westwood cd launch at Selfridges and got the Westwood co and a copy of the latest Wound magazine, Then it was off to east London for Mariano Vivanco the amazing photographer book launch after party which was good fun, Tuesday Highlight of the day was LOUISE GOLDIN who is pushing knitwear to another level and is one of London’s less talked about great talents, Tuesday was an extremely long day starting with Nicole Farhi with floaty floral feminine dresses and my first sighting of Jourdan and Chanel, Then on to Emma Cook her fascination with the zorse seem to move on now to the Zebra, the collection included clear plastic light rain coats embellished with Swarovski crystals the spirit of the 1920s was ever present with the fringing flapper dresses, Eley Kishmoto are quirky and known for there use of prints and colour and this collection played true to that, Didn’t do Christopher Kane but hey i guess i didn’t miss that much, Antoni and Alison what can I say except it was an interesting form of presentation shunning the catwalk where models look like they have no life shuffle forwards and backwards, instead a man sang a song that sounded as though it was from the 40s and on each chair we where greeted with a coconut which summed up the mood of the collection as the models waved on a stage in oversized palm tree prints with the singing man now silent the sound of waves and tropical birds replaced him interesting way of getting your clothes remembered, Louise Goldin was amazing and sculptured using fabric i can only describe as either foam or neophane layered with knitwear she was one of the best at London fashion week Then it was the Giles party which turned into another good night out, Wednesday House of Holland was the first show i went to no surprises as he has a strong team behind him and i must say he stuff was cool floral and polka dots chiffon cropped jackets and trousers that looked so light and airy caught my eye love him or hate him he is working hard and building an empire, Basso and broke the heels where sky high with an wedge at the front and at least 7 inches at the back the clothes where toned down from there usual stuff more commercial and wearable they use prints daringly and well enough a label that still has so much more to say, Then it was off to the Samsung Valentino launch party which wasn’t saying much but hey it was cool to see Valentinos work up close, Thursday, Issa was the first i saw Naomi Campbell walk ever, Jourdan fell thankfully at the end of the runway and Naomi and Jourdan walked side by side with Issa designer to close the show, Westwood was great to actually to see a Westwood show but i felt it was bringing nothing different and felt like a previous collection i had seen before. Friday Ashish was interesting evening, sports and military all rolled in one, Modernist well IT was cute and the craftsmanship was truly thought out purple played a large part of the collection ranging from lilac to lavender, Aminika wilmont best piece of the show was there leather jackets which made another appearance as they did last season. MAN now this was the show i was most excited for firstly it was the sportswear designer Chris Shannon who worked with Reebok mainly alongside others to produce his collection models looked streetwise except for the fact there lips where glossed the collection track suits, track jackets jersey puffas, the styling that caught my eye was leggings worn underneath shorts cute, Hans madsen well knitwear came over sized and hans seems to have moved more in to athletic wear this season, James Long a man who has a long way to go he has moved on from his exo Skeleton harnesses sheerness was the main theme with most items showing at least a bit of flesh all his shorts came draped, Topman Design i loved the start with bursts of colours as the models walked in numbers onto the catwalk with accessories at the neck and all sorts of different ways of carrying thing from back packs, pouches, wallets dangling from somewhere on the body the tracksuits came in beautiful colours and where knitted and not jersey and cropped at the ankle, fuchsia was a strong colour in the collection preppy sportswear with crinkled relaxed short suits, jump suits worn by cole mohr, glasses where on the up clearly inspired by the rounded miu mius I lusted after earlier this season.


Billy said...

Good stuff and more on knitwear please.


love your blog just shopped it ;-)
check mine out
and jealous you were at lfw!


t5m said...

Have a look at the London Fashion Week channel on , with some great fashion coverage. We have just finished filming at London Fashion Week and have some inspiring exclusive videos on our site. We have footage of all the catwalk shows and backstage interviews with the designers. The runway shows and interviews with the celebrities are on there too.