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Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Fashion is my life and i love it dearly and always will but its so depressingly boring at the present and everything is looking the same from magazines to fashion. I have to wonder where has the creatives that once ruled supremely and large in numbers gone of course there is Galliano, Ghesquire, Mcqueen, Lagerfeld, Pilato etc etc those who cease to amaze. But there are so many who get praised and critical acclaim and i fail to see why take for example the fashion historian who like a magpie takes the ritch and shiny pickings from the past and some times even modern times and so unashamefully slaps it all together for all to clearly see who they have quote on quote been 'inspired' by even going as far as taking ideas from up and coming designers but yet they are hailed as a 'genius' i follow fashion but dont let it lead me and i refuse to be led like a blinded sheep. Even menswear is tiring me gone are the days of Slimane, Lang,Sander and with every designer either using colour and failing or neutral colours and boring the over used minimilistic approach to design is now making alot of designers clothes look the same and with London producing as i see it the hottest menswear talents who think outside the box from Longs exo skelton harnesses, Throups conceptual designs, Mundanes neon monster pixialated world, eurlers furturistic approach to contemporary menswear, madsens sculptrual knitwear etc etc, the list goes on and just gets longer and longer with each passing year and each graduation from CSM, LCF, RCA these visonaries who think outside the box and bring something new and exciting to the table, but yet they have nowhere to showcase and nuture their talents but only MAN who sadly can support 3 designers at a time leaving so many with lost hope and those with it a fierce competition to fight for a place. London needs to fix up and introduce some more schemes at their fashion week for menswear as it is not fair that womenswear designers have so many options from fashion fringe, fashion east, topshop new gen,fashion forward its time for a change and it needs to come soon.


Stylesalvage Steve said...

Well said! I agree wholeheartedly but I'm quietly confident. With the interest around menswear growing by the day I think it's only a matter of time before things change for the better.

MR style said...

what about raf simons dude !! giuliano fujiwara or the amazing junn j !! there are so many interesting designers for guys too !!

Rollergirl said...

Good points but don't fret. Menswear is quietly growing in popularity which is the best way I think. When things happen slowly they tend to have longevity. Good to meet you at the shows, look out for your pic on my blog!

Kate said...

Nicely put! It is always a little disheartening when the same ideas get rallied out and praised for being revolutionary but I'm starting to see little glimpes of the truely new coming through and I guess that's a good sign?

Anonymous said...

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