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Saturday, 16 August 2008

male Supermodels

The male supermodel is a term i dont use nor believe is true as they say usually female models have such a short career span and male models have even shorter but as mens fashion is now becoming more and more important there is models that are obviouly getting more jobs and that the fashion industry becomes obsessed with Luke Worall, Cole Mohr, Sean Opry are my favourites iam also loving the look of Callum Turner & ash at models 1 and Tom Wade. this is a video by the Taiwan editon of GQ it just seems that GQ is opening more and more editions of GQ with indian tipped next these are the models that they see fit to call SUPER


MR style said...

god sean opry and chad white are so cool !! but where was terron wood ? why was he missin !?

Adrian said...

Yes, Callum!

Yes Sean O