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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Basquiat- A quick killing in art

Finally Just finished this book, after a long period of Reading, mainly due to magazines like Interview and Vanity Fair taking up a vast amount of my reading time, but as magazines die (Arena) and many become not worthy of getting brought, shooting on white backgrounds, using mediocre stylists, poor journalism and interviewing skills, Magazines that used to reflect culture at its best, have become nothing more than rags, wasted paper purely dictated by greed and capitalism. I have been able to concentrate on proper writing by real writers.

I truly admire Basquiat for many reasons and this book highlights them, he struggled with himself and eventually the battle ceased and he succumb to the dirty drug.

I've learned that artists are born with hyper heightened senses that need to be numbed in order to make peace with themselves some find other methods such as constantly producing art and others do things that are not so healthy for themselves.

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