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Monday, 13 July 2009

Max Steele

Recently I've been super depressed, really really down, i see no use in hiding it as really everyone i know pretends to think happy thoughts and to live in a garden full of rose bushes. I AM HUMAN, therefore i feel emotions and i go up and come down. Due to being super ambitious I am down, hence the post 'Letter to the industry i love'. Within this time that i have nothing to do honestly nothing much, (did a couple interviews one that i enjoyed as it was written by a proper journalist not no bullshit amateur questions and i know now why LOVE magazine has scooped him up.) What has been keeping me going is disappearing into the creative journeys that others partake especially from the NYC GAY ART Movement such as Slava, Brian Kenny, Gio Black Peter etc etc, it has got me thinking if my own city can not truly love me then maybe another can after all NYC was founded by immigrants. To sum up my mood i will do what the young writer Max Steele does he uses songs to help understand his feelings but instead i will use lyrics.

Everything is everything, after winter must come spring, changes come eventually- I wrote these words for everyone who struggles in their youth, who won't except deception instead of what is truth. Sometimes it seems We will touch that dream, But things come slow or not at all. And the ones on top, wont make it stop.So convinced that they might fall. Everything is Everything- Lauryn Hill

Honestly what will become of me, don't like reality It's way too clear to me, But really life is dandy We are what we don't see, Missed everything daydreaming. Traveling I only stop at exits,Wondering if I'll stay, Young and restless. All good things come to an end- Nelly Furtado.

But enough about me, Max Steele's writing is really inspiring, he uses his blog as a diary posting his personal thoughts and feelings. His writing that i have read is homo erotica. Creating stories about gay young men and their sexual encounters, it has inspired me to continue my own writing. I am loving the Homo Erotica art movement as less than 30 years these works would have caused outrage and been banned, i love the freedom these creatives are enjoying much like the work of Lugi & Luca (who loved my post so much they decided to post it on their blog).

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