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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Man & Colette

So Man is probably the most important thing in London for me right now as i truly believe that it is the only project that takes menswear seriously and seeing the support that it has given previous talents to Casette Playa,Carola Eurler, Kim Jones amongst others. Man is the show i look forward to with feverish anticipation every season and i hope to be a part of it soon. With the new names annouced Hans Christen Madsen & the genius James Long are showing again and Chris Shannon taking the place of Urbanwear blogger/ designer Kesh. The collabration with Colette has resulted in a rather cute selection of t-shirts & bags from the current MAN members and Topman Design.

There are some kool interviews from the curent MAN members at Dazed with also a sneak preview of the designers next collections.

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