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Saturday, 5 July 2008

The Delights of being young & Creative

If there is one i would say it is looking at the world in a different light as everyone else and understanding the small details that people simply ignore. I know how it feels to stand out from the crowd and to be laughed at for looking different as all this is nothing new to me. I began Jaiden rVa James with Rasharn when i found out that we both had the same deep burning passion for fashion and instead of talking about it, we decided to put are money where are mouths where and launched the label. It of course was a learning curve as neither of us really knew the process of making a collection. The collection was well recieved by the press and gained the attention of several important people. In the 6 months of the birth of the first collection i have grown dramitcally i have become more intouch with everything from arts to fashion and gained a further understanding of the world around me and how different each creatives vison of thw world is, Iam in love with Warhol & Haring as they both had a vision so powerful and so unappricated at their time. When i launched the label i was still studying uncertain about what i really wanted just that i loved fashion and i loved mens fashion but on completing the course i learned that like everything else education is a load of bullshit that guarantees nothing and all of the colleges with their names and over hyped up almuni is also bullshit it is not about where you study but simply about the individual and how talented you are already. After graduating i learned that education is nothing but a couple of words on a piece of paper and the best teacher you can have is simply life itself.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like GENIUS to me!!


MR style said...

yeah life is the best teacher !