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Wednesday, 12 August 2009


The current issue of the achingly cool Rodeo magazine was shot by Lope Navo it depicts an extremely dashing Seijo James Imazaki, fixing his bow tie, nonchalantly gazing at the camera inviting us, beckoning us into a vision, a vision created by Lope Navo. His work centralises on the male body, conjuring sexual desire with his sexually charged homo erotic imagery. He knows how to shoot flesh and knows when flesh is too much flesh leaving you excited yearning to see more and not verging into the murky waters of pornography. His men are men not boys, rippling bodies, Raised arm pits flashing hair, nothing pubescent here and that is refreshing to see someone not subcumb to the prebuscent trend that has marred male imagery for so long. I am excited for this book(not in that way although.....).

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