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Thursday, 26 November 2009


Charles Saatchi's has a new book, a new tv show and well it seem's he is becoming a household name to rival his wife, I don't really understand the current obsession with him all of a sudden but either way rather him then some other air headed big breasted Z list. His TV show is funny and his book is frank. The show was for me an eye opener to how really many few great idea's there is in art and really how art has become accessible to all with the BBC dumbing it down for the audience and explaining why a whistle hanging from a rail is art even though the artist who created it can fail to do so. The BBC also emphasises on more then one occasion that the YBA's achieved rock star status maybe implying that this show aims to create a 'rock star' artist. It's all a bit silly and even more so that Saatchi decides to have a show that bears his name but not appear or air his opinions on art his thoughts are channelled by a young woman. I guess that's where you refer to his book if you wish to learn a bit more about his trendsetting taste, but don't expect too much as the book is insightful but just not overwhelming so.

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Anonymous said...

cool blog! I agree, what is a life without art! I haven't yet read this book, although it's one of my wish list, I'll keep in mind your review,