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Monday, 19 April 2010


Snappy said...

Fantastic photograph. I always enjoy seeing creativity at it's best. Very snappy!
snappy x

Anonymous said...

There’s something about your site and this picture that keeps drawing me back. Both dudes are fully clothed, but there a sensual feel to them burdened under yards of graphic textile trying to elicit a brief touch. The textile you draped in the photograph was absolutely bomb. I’ve never seen it used with such a full explosion impact. Both cloths are so strong they could be stretched, shellacked and presented as graphic photography . Dude your pics are disturbing, busy and sexy. You really are a hell of a designer. I think this is design at its rawest and its best. You did a great job and the piece is oozing eye appeal. As another blogger commented “Snappy very snappy,” to the same photo. I’m a black and white freak myself. I only use it on my gallery work. I do nudes in heavy shadow, lots of six packs and pretty faces. That black and white photo knocks me out.

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

Thanks guys I do love photographs with an underlying sexual tension and even more so if it is homoerotic x