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Friday, 7 May 2010

Brown Bunny

Brown bunny

Essentially a road movie in which Bud has the opportunity of being with women yet can't break the spell of his love for daisy, it is like many 70's road movies in the grainy style in which its shot, Buds attire with the flared trousers and hair style even the element of self discovery. Its lo-fi camera and technical simplicity are all characters that add strength to this film.

Bud pleads with violet so innocently almost childlike to follow him to L.A after knowing her for a few minutes, with Lily Bud approaches her as if he knows her sympathetically asking if she is ok and then making out both seem to be full of sorrow and comfort each other once again briefly, Rose he is captivated by her looks but wants nothing more then company.

There is moments of stillness and silence which is what I find most compelling in films as well as picturesque scenes that remind me of Van Sant's Gerry, Violets face reminded me of a character you would find in a Korine movie, simple, gullible and from middle America and of course there is Chloe to add to that. Add Larry Clark and Donnie Darko blended together perfectly and you have a well rounded movie with a sexual surrealistic ending.

Overall the film is an impressive second outing for the man of many talents

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