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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Improvised dialogue by non actors make it feel documentry, weird shots, one lingering on eyes for like two minutes as music plays from a club scene maybe to show he is observing the scene, then another where the car is in the distant and all can be seen is it driving and its lights another the back seat shot of the front seats and the actors heads. it also shows why gay clubs were important at those times a place a gay haven were gay guys could literally be themselves act like other couples, dance, kiss and make out, it even has speech between characters where they overlap and talk over one another, the film is quite raw and authentic, the camera is not even steady. Its so weird, weird in the sense that its different yet not shot like a film nor a documentry, its realistic but not numbling so.

The final scene between the children when the two classes merge with some against his sexuality not understanding and others caring for their teacher beyond his sexual preference. These are the generation next and with them the tolerance for gays resides , this scene is one of the most moving.

The Film is very raw blurring the line between documentary and film brilliantly although all situations had been set up it is clear many where left to free fall and come into there own. This is an important piece of work for the time it was born from and a time capsule capturing struggles of a new found freedom that was not all so free.

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