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Monday, 10 May 2010

The Witness

Extremely fast cuts between one scene to another, these help to form characters without going into to much detail such as the quick scene of Adrien asking about the baby's names or manu's sister singing.

The film also is narrated explaining small details that also help to develop the story more quickly then going into full detail.

An interesting story that sheds light on the freedom homosexuals received with the abolishing of laws and social confinements, a mood that existed briefly for the 'gay plague' would come to destroy many lives.

Les Temoins tells the story of Manu a young man who has left a small town in france to live with his sister an aspiring opera singer, in a cheap hotel come brothel, one night cruising in a park he meets adrien a middle aged man and the strike up a friendship, a friendship that changes more than one set of lives.

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