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Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 in review

RE-BEL was launched in Feb 2010 and with it my life changed, we became official business men and expressed ourselves creatively, different from the label. I loved magazines and still do and
always will, although of course my relationship towards them has changed and the frustration and boredom I suffered from reading titles I had loved for years yet seemed to have lost their touch,I wanted better and wanted the magazine I was viewing to be better so instead of hoping for something to change, I decided that maybe we should make that change and RE-BEL was born. Now working on the 3rd issue and with support from brands such as Nike, Diesel and G-Shock, there is no looking back.
At Jaiden rVa James we were embraced by the press and was given press yet beyond that what was there?. On a business level we always wanted to find the right production before we jump the gun and sell products for prices that even we couldn't afford and yet wasn't at a standard of luxury and quality that we envisioned for the brand. So we created work that said something about us and reflecting our mood and the times it was born into. This allowed the brand to get attention from fellow creative people. We worked with Nicola Formichetti on Lady Gaga's tour, Alejandro video and other private commissions, we showed at fashion week 3 times installations twice and Catwalk once and I understand people couldn't understand we put on a performance all black by black, we covered up all the models so that all was equal to the audience all was the same no matter what they look liked beneath at all, we made the models suffer by them wearing wedges which they had to learn how to walk, it was angry yet we were angry. Why? Because why was we not being accepted was it beacuse we as doing something different or was because we was different?.
Myself creatively and spiritually, I've grown more into myself then any other year prior, learning how to creative direct a magazine and write properly not just for myself or on my blog but for a wider audience where I am voicing my opinion on something yet not central to the topic raised. I know what I want to do and will continue to work hard to achieve it. I am interested in the arts and culture and want to help promote them and work within

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Jaiden Jeremy James said...

I don't actually know as it is Fashion design in London is mainly supported by funds given out by panels and organised by the BFC and Topshop/ Topman. We was supported by this fund for a season and that's when we did the all black collection which I believe nobody got, some people loved some people hated. We didn't get funding the season after most probably as we did something wrong in presenting our vision. It's hard for a young designer and you put a lot in to be critiqued, discussed and either hailed, torn apart or ignored at the least we was acknowledged so I can't complain. Designing is a big part of my life but we aim to take it away from the catwalks and present it somewhere different in our own time and to our own pace.