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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Quarter life crisis?

O to be young, a silent sigh at 26, it's not that I'm old or feel ancient I just know the glow has dimmed. I'm not talking about unlined and unblemished faces, I'm talking about my outlook that once considered every option a possibility and every door open. 

With age and experience comes bitterness in a sense that for someone of my class and income, I won't be able to glide from plane to plane after experiencing multiple adventures on soil distance from where my base that I'm based mostly is.

I try to remain enthusiastic and have a positive outlook on life despite being a melancholic individual that's always existed with a certain sadness. I constantly have to ask why should I be tinged with sadness when I live in a city that for all its sins allows people to climb up career ladders. 

I'm learning to place that fiery passion that exists within and I wish to receive from all things into areas that deserve it, I'm trying to understand that not everything and everyone can be good and not every event or day can have moments that will turn into memories as memories exist as they differ from the routine and repetition of existence. 

I'll admit I spend too much time tapping, clicking, swiping, scrolling and watching others live their lives but hey if it helps turn off and I get some kind of enjoyment from it why should I care? 

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