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Monday, 12 June 2017

How does it feel to be a colour?


How does it feel to be reminded of your race before your sexuality? Before anything you're a big black dick, a fat ass or you've got thick dick sucking lips. Yeah I've heard it all. I only like black he says, a priceless privilege to be part of the populace who likes a minority - an inferior like me. I only like black he says so when I see him smile at another I feel he's pitting me against my race, he only likes black he says and I like a fool accept it, he only likes black he says and I'm reminded once again, I'm a colour, black mostly yet sometimes brown. 

Then there's him the good looking in a cookie cutter kind of way. He walks with such assurance, a 4/10, but then he's white and I'm black so I guess he's a six, and I'm a two. He has that English arrogance, you know the manner that brought about brexit, the kind that colonised half the world and believed that an empire was an overall right in the many wrongs. He looks at me, or is it through me, or maybe past me. How will I ever know? Does he think anything of me, am I paranoid or is it all because my confidence is low. 

This is the battle in my mind, it rages constantly, hi I say wondering if he likes my race, I don't do black, you're cute for a black boy, have you got a big dick. I'm either told my entire race is ugly to his eyes, or I stand out against my race and in me there's a light that he doesn't see often, or I'm fetishised due to a myth and legend, an old cock tale! 

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