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Friday, 16 January 2009

James Long for Topman Bags

I have not praised Topman for a longtime beacuse frankly i think its been a bit dull, I do love Topman but mostly Topman Design or Lens and the great pieces (Aitors black trousers & Carolyn Masey's Cape) go before u can even get your foot in the door. When it comes to bags iam a very subtle shopper, I hate consuming conspicusly and swanning around with the latest monogrammed shopper. I adore brands like Mulberry for its quitessential britishness and its minimilism, aswell as Bottega. James Long is a young british designer who i do admire and i am always amazed at his work, never knowing what you are going to get from him, i do hope he produces some clothes next time.


Cillian said...

I know "understated elegance" is an overused phrase but I think it's the only one which is wholly suitable here.

/Male Mode.

Run's House said...

Same here. I'm looking forward for James Long's jump to clothing lines. His concepts and artistry is unquestionable. Can't wait!