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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

JW Anderson

I don't know much about him, but he seems like a menswear designer who explores various different facets before creating a collection. He seems to get inspiration from many different places and his press releases seem to amaze me, he has showed at on/off and now will be taking the place of Hans Madsen for the upcoming MAN show alongside Menswear extraordinaire James Long and the sportswear and Reebok collaborator Chris Shannon.

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Inspire the Starling said...

I have loved him for quite some time now...he is such a talented fellow (as are you...those lace trousers are wickedly hot). I think it's so healthy for designers to take inspiration from others currently in the field. I think it's sometimes difficult to come up with original ideas if you over indulge your desire for other designers (well this is what I find). The subconscious takes over, recreating things you have seen elsewhere...although I guess this is all fashion is? Regurgitated over and over, with designers' individual take on things?!

Bla bla babble babble. I'm liking your blog mister...