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Saturday, 21 February 2009


Yes i should be at home or in the studio as the day come closer and closer and closer and closer to Jaiden rva James installation at MAN, I am sooooo excited and Rasharn and I have been working quite hard to pull this off and thank everyone invovled for the opportunity.

So today got to hang out with Fashions Future the lovely Anna & Sam did'nt do much shows today as was still casting for our own show but did go to Ashish, cute as VV Brown performed i think she is so cute seriously cute, but the show was equally cute glitzy Glam, then to another off schedule show with killer shoes amazing that the models had to hobble as if they where in a poiret skirt. After went to Matt Irwins with Anna and the lovely ella from Blow, i Love Matt's clean, clear pictures that portray the truth no hard air brushing. I think his pic of Georgia Jagger is hot as she is hot. Then with the Gang to Chloe Sevinghy's party.


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MR style said...

oh anna !! haha so cute !!