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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Aitor For Umbro

Aitor is like the Alia of menswear, the genius, the black sheep who never plays by fashions rules who breaks them all the time but yet his creativety and vision is respected by all. His work is amazing and i am still amazed by the way his garments fit. He is fashion without being in fashion. I had heard about the Umbro paternership for a long time but googled endlessly and fruitlessly in my search to find out more, he is one of my fave menswear designers and i don't have the pleasure of seeing new creations each season as that is simply not how he works. So any project he partakes in i am always eager to see the results. This is a mammoth project for both parties and i respect Umbro for again supporting another budding menswear talent and the match could'nt be more perfect umbro who strives for perfection in its fabric reasearch and aitor in his fit. Aitor has taken on the project to design Englands football teams kit I am sad that i will not be able to wear the product created but i mean the greatest of fashion is not wearable.

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Summer said...

Great post friend.keep on writing.=)