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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Lost in Translation

I/we have grown, showing for Fashion East has been a challenge and an amazing oportunity. 2009 has already been an fantastic year beacuse of this. Ever since Jaiden rVa James began we only dreamed of getting MAN, Showing on Catwalk presenting our image, our vision to the world. We found out about Fashion week a couple weeks prior to the initial date and yet we had the shortest time given to any collection we have produced but i must say this is the biggest and in my eyes the best. We used techniques, cuts, fabrics and services that we have never used before and created something out of nothing. Working with Justin Smith Esquire on hats was great and he is so talented, well educated and simply knows what he is doing and obviously has a bright future ahead of him. Kim Howells is also another talent a fun person to work with and a brilliant stylist. I for one am also glad that we got to contribute to the first menswear day in LFW history and only hope we get to do so for many seasons to come. I do believe the menswear day is long over due and could also come at no better time. Each year Menswear designers graduate and obviously each has their own vision but prior only had one platform to showcase their talent. MAN only can accommodate 3 designers per season which leaves so many with nothing and no way to get attention. The other problem is obviously the fact that MAN alumni can graduate but what next Carola Eurler, Siv Stodal, Deryck Walker, Cassette Playa, Aitor Throup. These are a few extremely talented individuals who have had the pleasure and luxury of showing at MAN but also had to face the harsh reality of not knowing whats next. No New Gen, No Fashion Forward to look forward and apply to. This is how i feel now i don't know what is next, Lulu and Charlie Porter and everyone else on the panel who has rooted for us i thank and will be extremely grateful forever as i do not forget those who have helped me. The feeling of uncertainty is not the best one as its hope and a dream that keeps me going and keep pushing forward. Its my love for fashion and creative drive that burns and yearns to constantly create. I am not going to lie nor pretend i am rich or have copious amounts of cash stored away because i know i don't. The high i get from fashion is unparalleled from any accessible legal high i can get right now. I do not know what the future holds and that is what scares me but one can only sit and endure the ride of life as no one knows their destiny or future but you can only hope it is a bright one. my motto remains for now when it comes to collections, Fashion before Food.


Anna Trevelyan said...


Rasharn Rva said...

we can only pray we get catwalk next season and the industry start taking notice of what we are doing.


Summer said...

Great post,i like your blog.
I would definitely follow through your beautiful blog.;D
Have a nice day.

Cillian said...

I hope you guys get more coverage, god knows you deserve it. Here's to more progress!

/Male Mode.