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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Jubilee is quite political and with punk being relatively new at the time Jarman was clearly astounded by this and decided to make a film about the horrors of a world where this attitude has seized the nation and is part of the government people kill for fun as law is abolished dropping the crime rate to zero as how can there be a crime if there is no law?

'T-shirt I pinched from seditionaries'

Jubilee is not as arty as his other films more dialogue than imagery that is charged with thought as well as less nakedness although present not as much as his other films

Jarman's scripts are so peppered with quotes that they could be considered a long poem

Savages savaging and a burning push chair.

'Make your desires reality'

'When your desires become reality you don't need fantasy or art'

This wouldn't be a jarman film without a male nudes and that is seen first in the scene where the main character is dancing gracefully juxtaposed by the chaotic background of disaster and destruction

No one has proper names anymore.

churches are now turned into nightclubs, places of misdeed and sexual ambiguity with orgies man on man woman on woman man on woman people on people.

the most violent and destructive in the film are female, captured before the tide of change yet on the cusp of an era filled with shoulder pads and female empowerment

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