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Sunday, 4 April 2010

BFI's LGBT  24 Film Fest

Eyes wide open

Eyes wide open focuses on the Jewish community in Jerusalem, and the story of a young man Ezri and Aaron a respectable butcher where most in the town buy their meat, Ezri soon opens Aarons eyes to the world that he is missing and they soon fall in love and the strain on Aaron's wife and children is soon apparent, the community who suspect that Ezri is different in some shape or form want him out but Aaron refuses until a point he can refuse no more.

They live in a community where they are repressed from being themselves, religion is used as weapon to sacrifice the pleasures of men for righteous causes and reasons, from the father who forcibly marries his daughter off even though she was in love with another causing her a life of unhappiness and ruining the life of another man. For those brief moments that the butcher was with the boy he felt 'alive' and is now forced to live a lie raising a family yet truly unhappy simply to please the community.    

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