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Thursday, 30 September 2010

I honestly used to pick up W Magazine and be like where is the content?, Where is the text?. I feel that it has changed for the better already and the previous issue was engaging and full of things that caught my attention. Stefano Tonchi is injecting new life into W, lets hope with the reshuffle of editors in the magazines in London, change can be for the better and not the worse.


Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for posting the Loden Dager Fall Video on your site! The video originally leaked with the wrong credits and had to be taken
down (from the Fashionisto). Please consider reposting this newer high-res official version with the correct credits (for SEO reasons). We would really appreciate it!

Fall 2010 video from Vogue CFDA finalists Loden Dager with music from celebrated artist, Panda Bear of Animal Collective fame and VMan/Ford model search winner Jake Madden.

directed by Bryan Christopher Nichols of Société Vellocet

Apologies for posting here~

Kristin Caroline Nichols
Société Vellocet

Anonymous said...

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- Laura