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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

New Balance is anti cool but thar makes it cool

I feel like I have to stop being quote unquote cool just because I like the obscure I'm labelled 'hip' and then I become a hipster I mean let's say I like Pierre Hardy trainers expensive but attainable they're a knowingly sexy product and others will see them and be like wow they're hot I want so they get and I become an ambassador for a luxury brand but then when I try be uncool I'm making a concious effort and I buy new balance or asics and beacuse I have the label of cool or they're simply a minor not major accessory to my main out fit which is overall consider cool they also become cool even when I'm trying to be anti cool and then again I boost their sales by being street style hunted and blogged about I don't win so I no longer try I mean trying to be cool would be buying Jeremy Scott by Adidas and its cool and can look cool but its mainly for those trying too hard to be cool and have an edgy product to hide their mundane nature

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