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Thursday, 31 January 2013

The race to accept other races in fashion

The issue with fashion is that to me clothes is one of the first signs of how you're judged appearance is everything and clothes and colour are all apart of appearance and add to how the world treats you and perceives you initially. I don't want to say fashion is racist as that's probably not true but in some ways the way it moves is racist, how many models of ethnic minority do you see on the catwalk? In Ad campaigns? Editorials? Covers of renowned & respected magazines? Not only is it those in front of the camera or in the publics glare what of those behind the camera within the industry how many major stylists? Photographers? Make up artists? Casting directors? Hair stylists? Magazine Editors? Fashion designers?. What bugs me most is that fashion and beauty within the fashion industry sets the tone for how the wider world views beauty all the victoria secrets angels mostly look the same a singular vision and viewpoint the same vision that casts its shadow over the entire industry and then trickles into the homes of the average consumer who's views on beauty are tainted by these images so what of the young girl at home looking at an image that she can't identify with yet feels that in order to be beautiful to be accepted she must look like what is presented before her?.
Its tiring and I have been in the industry for 8 years now not a lifetime but a considerable amount of time and as a designer I've been laughed at people shocked that I wasn't doing urban wear like the likes of those in JD Sports possibly if the work I did was akin to the likes of Christopher Shannon it would make more sense, or the times I've been looked down on at shows despite having a ticket and pulled aside and searched rigoursly due to 'supciously' placing my hand in my bag. The industry I love or loved is very small minded and progression is hard to come across yet I hope the next generation won't have to question can I be... A model, designer, photographer etc because I can't relate to.
Its not only fashion but politics and media too culture on a whole needs to open up a little more and accept others not just in grants, prizes, schemes and scholarships anywhere and anyhow we should be at a stage where race is nothing more than apart of the identity of an individual we're all the same and talent is talent that shouldn't be marred by how one looks

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