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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

In Praise of Freaks & Geeks

I've heard so much about Freaks & Greeks (mainly in old James Franco glorified cover stories) prior to even bothering to watch its been canonised as that hip show that help create a slew of stars and was a moment in time it seems that hollywood was filled with young stars that used the show as a platform we all know the Freaks turned out well James Franco needs no mention nor Jason Seagel or Seth Rogen its funny to see the stars budding, young and full of promise.

There's so much more to show as not only does it show the lives of the un- pretty and unpopular (who happen to be pretty but hey it can't be too raw) these wasn't the glittering teens of yesteryear full of promise living the American dream no it was broken homes, poor families, drop outs and those held back, shattered dreams yet also dealing with a variety of issues that's hits home not only for teens but for an older audience that maybe able to read the subtle signs of women's repression the generation prior such as Weir families mum who is a stay home mother cooking and cleaning and has squandered any chance of a career, Neal's mother forced to accept a husband playing the field

18 episodes is enough for it to be seen as a great product of time and place and to crave more yet also appreciate the show fully and warm to its characters and world it would of been great to see what became of Lindsey yet maybe not maybe that's what makes the show good as it never got to continue and burn out it just burned bright for a right amount of time

The cast is littered with potential not just the main or supporting but those who pop in to only pop out again a young Shia Lebeauf or Jason Schtzman or Ben Stiller

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