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Monday, 15 March 2010


Like other road trips, this is a movie of self discovery and finding oneself, but how can you find yourself whilst always in the company of another? Or how can you find yourself when that other is supposedly so like you? There is not much of a back story but that's what adds to the mystique of the twins, and the trip, a trip or this one is not about what they have done or where they've been rather where they are going and who they will become.

Antoine possesses a certain sort of jealousy and possession; he seems to want to take all that is or will be truly his brothers own from the girl he seduces from him to the blossoming romance on the ranch that he pulls Quentin away from by leaving abruptly. Their constant battles are moments of physical intimacy, a way of destroying or calming the tension that is built up in a relationship where they can't live with or without the other or is this a way the only way that their two bodies can touch, feel one another the thin line between one act of violence to an extremely personal other?

Of course there is things that are left unsaid many things as this a movie where image is more important than words, where expressions are what speaks, the emotive states that each brother goes through are caught and is those we register, such as when Antoine collapses and the Spanish guy helps him and is pushed away. This is a brief moment of intimacy between two men, could Antoine be repressing feelings? Living a lie whilst his brother lives in truth

So many questions I have asked as so many are left unanswered, the film does a good job at portraying a complex relationship and also one at the trouble of self discovery and the problems that arise when one finds them self and the strain that can be put on long term friendships because of this, There are moments of beauty such as the brief time Quentin spends with his male lover frolicking naked that evoke a Mcginley like essence and where the brothers are driving away from the ranch and it lingers on their faces as the truck moves.

What is captured is an intense relationship between twins quite like that of Bertolucci's Dreamers, This is a beautifully shot love story that leaves me with so many questions but here is one I wish to ask, where does the divide between brotherly love and physical attraction begin especially when physically you are one in the same.

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