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Monday, 22 March 2010

The State of Magazines

Boring and made purely to satisfy those who advertise in their pages of course that is the case for all as without the advertiser there would be no publication or the cover price would hit the roof, saying that it hurts that for pure quality I have to pay £16 for Purple and £18 for self service, I find them worth it and the content informative and lengthy on the former more than the latter but both present an image and world that lures me in. Interview was my favourite monthly whilst Glenn O Brien reigned and it's covers which featured famous kids were experimental now its cool but definitely not what it was. Arena the only men's monthly magazine that focused on fashion and style not just suits and boots gone with the wind. Arena Homme Plus, GQ Style, Man About Town, Another Man are what is left of the style press for men Man about Town has wowed me with recent covers and when it's good it's really good. Dazed is the only pure monthly style fashion magazine left with I-D going Bi-monthly and Dazed has surprised me with it's covers that don't subject to the norm and seems to have kept a spirit that is unaffected by the pressure to conform to celebrity stars every cover with just a face shot. People are predicting the death of print but I believe in having a choice between physical and electronic maybe decline of readers and magazine sales falling is simply due to magazines not being what they used to and falling into a cosy trap. I don't read GQ any no longer since Charlie Porter left , his pages were fun and witty and presented the current landscape of menswear at least at some point in it's issue but it came a time for me to stop buying GQ just because it's GQ same goes for Vogue and i've always preferred the underdog Harper's to the 'number one' glossy its image along with it's editor are stale. There are so many pointless publications like does anyone remember a magazine called Wound? it existed for a hot second. Times are changing and we can't only rely on Dazed to promote the new talent something else has to aswell but what and when, these online magazines as cute as they maybe that's how i see them cute, yes bloggers might be having their hot second with freebies and front row seats but can this shit last? any one can start a blog and critique. But anyway I am bored so I am rambling on, my main point here is I am a magazine addict and i suffer for it when moving house it killed me but what am I suffering and wasting my money on pure shit so that's why I am writing this, I haven't named names of the worst culprits that are big and glossy and full of shit as that's petty but i will say you know who you are and the editors should be ashamed.

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