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Monday, 22 March 2010

 Posted on March 11, 2010 with 1 comment
You read about Jaiden rVa James on FASHION already. Gaga fell for their white rubber doctors jacket she wore in several occasions and even posed in for Flare magazine.
Design duo Jaiden James and Rasharn de Vera Agyemang of Jaiden rVa James have also custom made several outfits for her dancers – so here is the answer for those of you who wanted to know who created those white leggings, gladiator skirts and harness Gaga’s dancers wore for the VMA performance…
… as well as the Monster Ball Tour sleeveless leather jackets.
Look how beautifully they look together.
One of the masks that made a cameo in the “Manifesto” interlude…

… was one of the Jaiden rVa James Youth by Youth SS 2010 nail covered hoods. Photos by Mari Sarai.
Couldn’t leave you without sharing some photos from Jaiden rVa James AW 2010 collection inspired in “Skin, apocalypse and the dark”.
I’m beyond sure many of my male monster readers will looove this men in black looks.
If I had to chose one I’d go for the no 2!