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Saturday, 12 February 2011

air kiss, air kiss, ass lick, ass lick

Now looking back at it Vogue Paris was pretty amazing from the edited specials by people ranging from John Galliano to Charlotte Gainsborough to the covers which led you to the magazine and pushed  boundaries before those boundaries became the norm or an instant cool take for example the trans-gender moment being hailed in everything from Love Magazine to Lady Ga Ga's born this way.

Carine Roitfeld evoked cool, yes Vogue Paris had its cliche's but to be honest it was one of the ones most in tune with fashion and its surroundings, it created its models and gave them international status such as Lara Stone yes it used the same photographers but it did also promote new talent as of late with the use of Sharif Hamza for example, I won't pretend that I can read/ speak french so I don't know how good/ great the articles and text was but I know how the images caught my eye.

I think Cool well to me it means being yourself creating to create and yes there are those who sit outside the times and are able to capture the mood, the zeitgeist and distill it into art whether it be from art, music, fashion, design, literature. Whatever its about impulse and instinct and many people lack that these days especially at magazines. Its easy to slap a famous actress on the cover that appeals to the mainstream and mass audience yet not so easy to place something more thoughtful and captivatiting there

Before it girls and it boys meant socialite that carry their famous father/mothers last name or simply by appearing on a reality tv show or having a sex tape out or dating someone famous it meant that je ne sais quoi that something that is hard to pin down yet something that is exciting and interesting about the individual now thats mainly been lost again in the religion of celebrity.

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