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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Limits of control

Not much happens yet it managed to keep me entertained, I learned from Hitchcock's rope that in order to keep the audience excited or one way to do so was by the arrival and departure of characters especially in Rope's case with the film limited to one setting yet with Interview (Sienna Miller) that technique was interesting limited to two settings Sienna's character embodied more than one person or had several persona's pretty much like Ingmar Bergman's Persona in which one of the characters changes dramatically and her metamorphosis is what makes for an interesting yet subtle film and one of my personal favorites.

This is something Jim Jarmusch does he references films (none i've seen) and allows for actors of high pedigree to come and go and leave their mark on us briefly and again I love films that do so such as Woody Allen's Celebrity, Only then did I see how talented Leonardo Dicaprio was he blew the film apart and his presence although fleeting lingered on throughout.  

With The Limits of Control its more than obvious Jarmusch had control every scene seems to be controlled take for example the one on the train we see it move from wind pylons to more natural beauty with a forest of naked tree's the background was startling and I don't believe in anyway was this coincidental.

I believe in this film Jarmusch was commenting on the control society the government has on individuals and that bohemians and artists the ones who oppose that control are the ones really living.

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