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Tuesday, 8 February 2011


And the name of the movement: influencers

We are influenced to a degree by our forefathers and by doing what we do we will have an impact and a mark on culture no matter how marginalised or mainstream,

We will be able to influence, effect and infiltrate the minds and thoughts of a future generation

Life is a performance, performance art

The Generation that will inherit the freedoms made possible by our struggles as we inherited those by the ones before us

To destroy to create breaking down boundaries made by the machines and the influencers before us who may have created a stagnant system

Explore the thin line between destruction and creation

The only way to inject flair, energy and youth into the world in which we work is to DIY

Don't be afraid to put something out and Don't be afraid to criticized

To be criticized you at first have to have been acknowledged and therefore had an effect on the individual criticizing you therefore influencing them in some shape or form. Good or Bad

Shock to awake and arouse not simply just to shock

Art and culture should be progressive and everyone should have their time and help share their power given to them by the audience who views, receives, buys and understands their work by helping to promote a younger artists who in turn may take the place you once occupied and in turn you take the place an artist of a higher pedigree in your own time once occupied

To be progressive in a sense that art is for all and not an elitist few

: Anybody that produces culture is in a position of influence, and becomes a leader of sorts to other people. An artist can do more than make expensive objects. Artists should live to inspire others to further their own unique creative potential within the world. That is also the role of the artist, the shaman, and the teacher.- Matthew Stone

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