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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Waugh Father & sons

Waugh- Father & Sons-BBC 4

Such an interesting documentary, my friend Luke & I have been getting into the lives of  'The Young Bright Things' and although Evelyn was one he also wasn't truly he belonged yet seemed also to observe and one can only do so when they're present yet from a distance he chronicled the youths escapades in several of his books taking inspiration from those who burned brightest. This documentary is about a legacy that Evelyn created yet also belonged to the Waugh dynasty have been writers for several generations yet he was among or is the greatest. It's a touching story of how fathers relate to their sons and its nice to see how attitudes have changed from the cold Edwardian/ Victorian era of nannies as the parent to modern day parenting with the father taking control and giving life lessons to his son. It's nice to see men being so affectionate and open with one another and makes for a brilliant & insightful watch especially for one like myself who never did nor never will have a father present

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