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Thursday, 25 April 2013

The end of a friend

Da da da dude I don't mean to be ra ra ra rude but what you trying to prove got it all too lose with the lifestyle you choose I'm not amused feel abused more than used but you got to understand why you're out of the band tried too hard to reach promise land

Yeah you can play piano but your just the piano man, call yourself a musician man must be having a laugh dont want to put in the graft your times already past

Fame whore want that famous life a lot more than you want to work you're just a name dropping jerk who's out only for the perks

How you gonna get far when you spend all your time and money at mahiki's bar another hanger on well you won't hang on to this one

Dismissed its fine you've now past and crossed the line a faux wild child with constructed style straight out of vogues style pages

When you see CU chart it will tear at your heart to know that you could of been part of it too but you just wasn't serious or true boo hoo

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