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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Trippy hippy

I'm that black hippy making history not black history wait I'm that hippy getting trippy black is the colour of my face but shouldn't define my place in society ain't it free ain't I person first and foremost should that stop me from getting a top post

Gangster rap whys it gangster is it cuz I am black another subtle verbal attack

Contemplating visions just a figment of imagination want the true damnation on view but rather fantasy than reality to grounding with gravity pulling down no true voices around choices are limited truth never found

Had a dream it seems yet aspire to horse hair and contacts lighter faces trading places mixing up races go figure niggas calling niggas niggas killing pulling triggers on another they just called nigga circle of life na more like circle ain't right

Kkk lost its way hiding out but not finished at the end of the day still pray

Bleakness my street ness now a weakness damnation yet a so called one nation by labour big community by the conservatives i am i supposed act conservative what kind of nerve is this, hug a hoody yet no hoodies allowed here and there branded shop lifters dare devils not just because of the clothes We wear

street level dancing with the devil devoured by the lion outside sources prying too many young ones dying no praise for those who keep trying to keep clean on track despite all the set backs

concrete jungle cage fighting the rage aimed at the system roughed up cuffed driving in the back of state owned cars caged up behind bars disturbing the peace just to get a little piece of that cash

Too few champions in those kids eyes how they supposed to realise their worth how can they aspire and learn there true desires when the worlds run by liars aiming for one thing profit in their pockets

It's easy to play the victim to the system but what's a system without victims

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