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Monday, 8 April 2013

The lives of others

The lives of others

There's no age but this age that we've been so immersed in the lives of others yes folks have gossiped and papers have chronicled, scandalised, debated and discussed for an age but its this age that is the age where we put our lives out there more than any other. Of course what we put out there isn't the truest truth it's an image and ideal created, crafted and constructed by ourselves to project what we want people to see how we want to be perceived.

We Instagram our images, vine our visions, tweet our thoughts and Facebook all three

We used to watch the lives of others written by another yet what dominates the tv now is lives of others lived by another scripted reality not real real not fake situations created for the viewers pleasure yet how can a life be lived if the one living is aware of the moment to tweet is to step out side what you should or could be lost in, the cameras presence allows for the presence present to be supposed a supposed self an in between state trying to be real yet not real

How can we be who we are when we watch how others live repeat how others speak wear what others wear shop were others shop eat what others eat there used to be distance yet now the details of these details is on show but once again those eating what they eat could be sponsored to eat what they eat there's no authentic self on show and that's the issue we copy a constructed somebody a clone an image where is the reality in reality?

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