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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ted Sterchi for RE-BEL 6

An image is a reflection of our selves and a self portrait captures a moment, a period, a place and a time. The rise of selfies making us all more aware of our image an image which in sense sells those it portrays from professionally on LinkedIn, privately on dating sites or publicly via various social media outlets.

Ted Sterchi is a young artist who's gained attention for borrowing images of individuals on the 'dating' app Grindr and turning them into watercolours. This led me to think where is the self portrait now?, now that its so easy to capture ourselves and we're caught in more and more of own snaps is the self portrait worth less?. I liked the original meaning of a portrait with an artist painting a sitter yet wanting to modernise that concept using creative individuals who are aware of their image and use it as a tool to express themselves, I wanted to give a selfie a more permanent and artistic element and I felt Ted would be perfect for that.

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