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Saturday, 22 June 2013

What Blackberry should do next...

I've had the pleasure of using a Blackberry Q10 and to be honest I was impressed its fluid, fast and functional there was perks and pros such as Blackberry Hub the impressive browser with the tab at the bottom the use of the screen as the track pad, the ease of multi tasking, dual cameras, internal and external data, etc etc I could go on with how its a massive leap from its predecessors and a step into the light from the dark. I actually did enjoy the phone and based on just the function and form give it an 8/10 with the main and major let down being app support. I learned that apps can be ported from android devices and that they work and run pretty smooth

  • Work closely with creatives its all good to get Alicia Keys on board but prove that its not just a tech giant throwing money at an ambassador for kudos or coolness, I always thought the brand should have gone for someone more edgy like M.I.A or even Florence but its not about the star its about the engagement. Blackberry is known for its communication and essentially its social network app which rolls out on other platforms shortly. BBM should have content created and crafted to engage communities 
  • BBM Channels its new network is the perfect opportunity to Enlist other creatives from fashion,music and art in which they create exclusive content and give peeks inside the world. Apple has its coolness and now Samsung is offering perks albums from heavyweights for free what if Blackberry went further did design workshops, created tracks made just for Blackberry or BBM users encourage and engage and show why being a user of Blackberry is different and most of all beneficial    
  •   The lack of apps is the main drawback Blackberry needs to do more to work with the developers and not lag behind IOS in years but instead weeks or even better have the best next app first, if android apps are able to work well on Blackberry it should be promoted of course not officially but there's ways on the low Blackberry could support this whilst it works further on its relations with developers.  
  • Become the cool corporate brand Blackberry should know its strengths and its main markets for now are still businesses and teens there's ways to entice both as mentioned above for teens its all about entertainment and adults what about deals with arts institutions, cheap tickets,live streaming, recorded theater shows etc
  • Diversify but don't over saturate the last set of Blackberry there was too much choices its good to have the Z & Q 10 as they offer different experiences and the Q5 is a step in the right direction in all honesty all the brand needs is 3 tiers high end, mid end and a lower end two models on each tier per generation is enough to satisfy consumers on most levels when a new product or the new lines are launched they can be done so with a large trade show and press push rather than a subtle slip on to the market 

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