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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I'm a little tired of the Galliano tirade and the media making moves to try and promote his rehabilitation. Yes Galliano is talented and has created some beautiful fantastical collections in his career but at the same time so what.

He said some awful things and was punished for the crime yet now there's been moves made probably by some powerful pr to help push and promote the man as a talented tortured artist. Every step has been carefully orchestrated from the De la renta designs to the vanity fair piece and the upcoming prime time Charlie Rose interview.

Galliano in his prime used models ranging from far and wide as were his inspirations from all over the nation and my main problem isn't Galliano but its the ugly side of beauty in an industry that's exclusive and elitist with a vision and view created by a selected few, fashion being a global industry it's yet to learn to speak a global language. The industry isn't diverse enough from those who create to the models who promote, its truly lacking ethnic and cultural diversity.

This isn't a cry of racism or anti semitism as that too is a thorny topic it's a cry for inclusivity it's a time to think about promoting artists and individuals from a range of backgrounds more widely selected than those currently employed before Galliano is accepted back with open arms ( inevitably he will) we should take a long look at where the industry is at today and why such remarks cut so deeply in the first place.